365 Days of Norah

I remember when Sorin turned one and I was so excited.  Today as Norah turns one I am so proud.  It’s a different perspective the second time around.  I can enjoy this more and the emotion is much more satisfying.  My daughter is just a joy to watch.  Katie has worked so hard this first year with Norah and juggling two kids for the first time.  Norah is my little baby, my little angel.  We cuddle together a lot when she wakes up from naps.  She sits on my lap a lot when she plays with her favorite green bouncy ball.  And she loves to climb.  At this rate I’m expecting a heart attack from this girl.  She seems fearless.  What have we done?

Happy birthday, Norah!

Norah turns one today and here’s what’s going to happen.  Before she even wakes up, Sorin will be awake and he’ll be asking, “Where’s Norah?”  We’ll tell him that she’s still sleeping.  When she finally gets up, Sorin will say, “Ohh, hi Nowah!”  Norah will come out and see all the window decorations Katie’s put up – birds and flowers.  Yes, today will be all about Norah.  She wants to go to Lazy Jane’s for breakfast (well, maybe Katie and I helped with that decision).  We’re going to play outside on a blanket, go for a walk, and visit the Children’s Museum.

Happy Birthday Norah!

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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