Real Time Adventure

I love this weather!! I just got done with a post talking about the last snowfall. Well, this still counts, I guess. Weather forecasters have been telling us for days that this weekend will be a mess. I ran out for a couple things, and stores were busy today b/c people were “stocking up” for the weekend so they don’t have to go out. I went to Blockbuster, and so did half of Madison.

It’s kind of fun when so many people clearly all in the same situation. Katie and I came home from the gym today and the plow had created this 2-foot road block in front of our driveway.

So I backed up across the street, took a running start at it and plowed through. Yeah, it would’ve been better if you were there. So thinking of such a dilemma, I had Katie take a picture of the Outback taking on the small snowbank. Yes, I realize it was small, but would you do this with your car?

The approach.

And we have contact.

So this is a Real Time post, here on the Game Plan, because Katie and I are hunckered down for the night. We had our homemade pizza and just got done watching a documentary – Mad Hot Ballroom. Great film!!

Now we’re about to watch Ronin – DeNiro on a Saturday night is always a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Real Time Adventure

  1. mom r.

    I cannot believe you guys took pictures of the Outback conquering the snow bank:) It was a “hunker down” weekend!


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