Run With Me, Join My Team

I’d like to invite you to join my team. I’m running at least two races this summer and I want to run them with a purpose. You see I’ve already completed half marathons, I’ve even done a few full marathons. I’ve already put myself out there with a challenge that I’ll run a half marathon faster than I’ve ever run before – and I’ll do it this summer.

Now I want to add another challenge to the equation. I want to form a team of supporters who are willing to give their money to a great cause. Joining my team will allow you to do a few things. First, it will allow you to support an organization that you may not otherwise support but needs your dollars all the same. Secondly it will allow you to track my progress this summer as I train with a purpose. I believe lives are changed through the work of many non-profit organizations and if I’m running because my team is supporting those organization with money in response to my training efforts, well then that’s a WIN.

Please consider joining my team. You don’t need to comment, train, or even tell others. Of course the experience will be richer if you do. All I’m asking for is a small donation to join my team.

None of the money donated will go to any of my training costs or cost associated with running this blog. Every dollar will go directly to the the organization.

Which organization? Good question. I don’t know yet. But make a decision next week.

Are you willing to match your weekly spending at Starbucks to join my team? I promise we will create some great stories this summer.

2 thoughts on “Run With Me, Join My Team

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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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