Running Sucks

Running sucks.  It really does.  Getting up before the sun and running that first 8 minutes before your body warms up is tough.  Kind of sucks, actually.

Running after work sucks, too.  Especially if you have a physically demanding job like mine.  I work in tree care.  I’m climbing trees and wrestling and dragging branches all day.  Sometimes we lift large logs.  We’re always wielding chainsaws.  So after a day of that, you think I want to go for a run? I’m thinking, “running sucks.”

Or after dinner and the kids are in bed.  But I have a 5 mile run scheduled for the day and it hasn’t happened yet.  I’d rather read, write or enjoy an episode of the West Wing with Katie.  But no, I’ve got to go for a run.  And running sucks!

But you know what also sucks?  Cancer.  Diabetes.  obesity.  Heart disease.  These suck.  These really suck.  Maybe I can put up with the running.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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