30 for Sam

Sam has a tradition. Every year on his birthday he cross-country skis his age. Today Sam turns 30, but there’s a problem. Sam has been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and won’t be able to complete the challenge this year. Let’s put him on our back and get it done.

Here’s what we’re doing. The Sam Weis 30k challenge is where you do 30 of something. Not everyone can ski 30k, so maybe it’s a 30 minute walk. Maybe it’s a 30-mile week of running. Or 30 days of some type of activity. The point is to get in the game for an athlete that’s currently on the sideline.
I heard about this challenge kind of late (Tuesday to be exact). A long challenge like 30 miles or even 30k is pretty tough at this point. So my contribution for #30forSam is to run at least two miles each day for 30 days. I’m streaking for Sam!

You’ve probably never met Sam. I’ve never met Sam. But Sam needs some smiles and some inspiration. I hope you will join me to and do 30 of something for Sam. On your social media of choice or in the comments of this blog, use #30forSam.

Thanks for reading.

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