Say it ain’t so, Billy Joel

I understand that we all get older, and the music we listened to gets more and more “out of date.” But like a good bottle of wine, it gets better with time…. right? (Rhymes are flowing today.)

In high school a good friend of mine, Jason Jobke, always listened to the Oldies. He was raised on it by his parents, and so we listened to them so much that the Oldies really grew on me. The summers of 1993 and ’94 were filled with nights of shooting pool in his basement, playing basketball in his driveway, and driving to McDonald’s at all hours of the night to the soundtrack of the Oldies.

On a different musical commentary, I’ve never been ashamed of my love for 80’s music. A genre in and of itself, the Monster Ballads will always take me to a good place. The music I grew up on was Bon Jovi, Van Halen, the Police, and even AC/DC. Elton John and Billy Joel were classic musicians, not to be confused with the Oldies. NOT TO BE CONFUSED!!!

Yesterday I’m driving home from the club on a beautiful sunny day, and I do the quick scan of the stations to find some good music. I flipped (quickly) through the Oldies station and had to double back to confirm what my ears were telling me. Billy Joel is on the Oldies station!! “Movin’ Out” was certainly a catchy tune, and I guess you can even say it “sounds” Oldies, but Billy Joel on the Oldies station is like hearing Def Leopard on the Country station.

One thought on “Say it ain’t so, Billy Joel

  1. Jayjobs

    i must say that i’ve noticed the same thing. 95.7 sounds like the old 96.5. although billy joel can be considered a “classic” artist, his music should not be considered in the “oldies” category. don’t know what genre billy joel is in, maybe “singer/songwriter, but i dont want to hear billy joel right after the righteous brothers or elvis.

    now that i think of it, singer songwriter artists like carly simon, james taylor, and dan fogelberg have been playing on radio stations like 95.7 ever since i can remember. but i maintain that it’s a slap in the face to any of those artists if their songs are played along side with fats domino or the everly brothers.


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