Singing Other People’s Praises

Sometimes I don’t have the energy to write for myself. Lots on my mind and lots I’d like to unpack and share but don’t quite have the time or energy. Thankfully I have others in my life who have big things to celebrate. One of them is John Saddington and his fantastic indie app, Desk. I was part of the beta testing and so I know many of the struggles and roller coaster of emotions he experienced getting this thing to market. After it went live the drama continued. He was constantly wondering what kind of traction this app would get. I am curious, too. I like the app because I like John. But it’s pricey ($30). And it has decent competitors in the App Store. How does a guy get ahead?

Then last night happened. While John was flying from Austin to Atlanta he got word that his app was being featured in the App Store – instant publicity to 155 countries around the world. You don’t have to be a tech geek to appreciate this. Imagine your product, your team, your services, your business card being published world wide?! If you’re into sales at all, you can celebrate with us the wonderful opportunity John is experiencing.

Our social world is ironically very selfish. We have friends on Facebook and Twitter and all over the place but are we really connecting? Are in tune enough to celebrate when these friends experience big-time victories? Look around your world and find someone else to celebrate. I’ve never seen someone under appreciate a genuine congratulatory pat on the back.


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