Three Days of Thankful: Fresh Start

It was a long road and I’m still not sure I would change a thing. But it’s been many years coming that I’ve tried to get out of tree care, an industry I worked for over a decade. Today I’ve successfully made my way into the exercise world and I’m so grateful. I work for a really good organization. I work with great people. I’m working in my sweat spot. And I get to help and challenge people to pursue their health each day.

I’m very thankful for this transition. Not everyone loves their work. In fact I know most probably struggle with this area of life; I certainly have for many years. But today I can reflect and recognize that I am thankful to be doing work I love. I’m thankful for my particular journey. I really mean that, knowing “the journey” can often be a coop out and you’re actually hhanging on for dear life.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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