Snow Day!!

It was fun last night to go to bed knowing there was a good chance I’d be off work today. Normally it’s no big deal, but on Tuesdays Katie stays home with Sorin – so we both had all day together.

It started off with sleeping in – ’til 6:30. I needed the sleep but I love my mornings, so I’m a little upset that I slept past 5:30. Nonetheless, the morning started off great with coffee and a good book. I’m reading two right now – Momentary Marriage by John Piper and How People Grow by Dr. Henry Cloud. Only two chapters into each, I have to recommend both. It feels good to get back into deeper books – and Piper gets deep! Katie and I are reading it together, so it will make for good discussion.

Days off can’t be all about relaxation – it feels good to catch up on some housework. Being the model husband that I am (read: “husband in training”) I did the floors and a load of laundry. Before returning to my book, I went outside to start shoveling and clearing off the cars.

Lunch: There was no question what was on the menu for lunch — grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s been my favorite meal the last two winters. And as much as I wish I could claim Campbell’s tomato soup, I’m going with Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup – dynamite.

The afternoon included a lively discussion about theology and the Holy Spirit as it relates to our church. I know – random. I continued in my chapter on Cloud’s book. Then we went to the gym together. I kept a little cardio going in preparation for the Jingle Bell run this Saturday and also got to lift a little. I’m trying to reestablish a lifting routine with core exercises, too. I have a physical job, but the weights really add a nice element to my workouts.

For dinner we reheated Katie’s wonderful spaghetti and watched an episode of West Wing – “Gone Quiet.”

It was a good day. I wish snow days were 48 hours long. There’s so much to do and I never get to it all. Back to reality…

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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