So excited for the first day of school (not the way you’re thinking)

I love the first day the kids go back to school. But it’s not what you think. It’s not because “they’re back to school, we get our life and freedom back.” No, kids going back to school has always been special for me, for many families for sure.

This year Sorin starts second grade and Norah first. Last year I was able to arrange clients such that I could see them both get on the bus (together) for the first time. I couldn’t do that this year but I was there when they got off. After morning clients, I came home to get some yard work done. Yard work, you say?! Yes, as a new homeowner I am still very excited about house and yard work. We were gone last weekend so the lawn was a little longer and so cutting it felt extra rewarding. The weather was 65 degrees with a cool breeze. It was exactly the kind of weather I remember about back to school weather as a kid when we would play football in the front yard at Matt Keefe’s house.

As I’m mowing I’m thinking about what the kids are experiencing the first day of school. They have friends from last year, some in the same class but they know just about everyone in their grade at this point. Their backpacks are filled with all the school supplies we bought and labeled – easily my favorite part about back-to-school. I just feel bad that their lunch boxes aren’t nearly as cool as our were. They have a fresh start at school. Much like my yard after a week off – all things are new!

Early afternoon Katie came home from work and we were getting ready for some house guests doing a little more cleaning. We were reflecting on how much we enjoy our house, enjoy hosting, and excited for all things feeling new at the start of school. That’s good living right there! Our house is bright and full of life. Christian is running around with a neighbor friend while older brother and sister are on the bus ride home.

What will this school year bring? What new routines do the kids need to learn? How will each family member grow as an individual and how will the family grow as a unit? A lot of that is up to me. I am a significant leader in the lives of these kids and this family. Leading by example I can show them that the excitement of a new school year means things are new and possibilities are endless. We shape the next nine months and I can’t wait to get to work.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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