Tony Hawk 900

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing at age 48, but what I do know is that I won’t be doing this:

At age 31, Tony Hawk pulled off his first 900. As the skateboarding legend’s career has evolved, I can’t help but admire his skill, drive, and perseverance.

It is unlikely that 17 years ago Hawk said “at age 48 I want to be able to do a 900.” But at some point recently he had the thought, “hey, do you think I can still do this?” In my profession I often find myself challenging clients to ask themselves the same question: Hey, do you think I can still do this? I look at my clients ten, twenty, even thirty years into their future. As their trainer I’m challenging them to have measurements in their lives so they can keep their fitness. For example, every year make sure you can do three sets of ten push ups. Or another: always be able to get off the floor using zero or one hand.

Whether a professional athlete’s 900 or an aging adult’s level of fitness, we all need to ask ourselves where we want to be next year, in four years, in 12. Where do we want to be and what will it take to get us there. What did you think about all of Hawk’s falls in the video? I was expecting a couple but not that many! At one point when he swears after a huge fall. Later he takes an extended break between runs. Very quickly we see how difficult this challenge was, how bad he wanted it, and how determined he was to keep picking himself off the half pipe, getting back on the board, and trying again.

Then the video goes to slow motion. And all of the hard work pays off. I won’t be doing a 900 when I’m 48. But I can tell you I have my goals. Do you?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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