So This Wasn’t Really a Nightmare

I just realized that during the whole summer and preseason I was mistaken. I was under the impression that the nightmare that was the Brett Favre Saga was not really happening. Sure, Aaron Rodgers started the preseason games, but the reality of it never sunk in with me. And yesterday I was watching the Ironman while Brett was throwing a 56-yard beauty for the Jets, so I didn’t see him start his 17th NFL season with a team other than the Packers. But tonight, as I tuned in my radio and heard Aaron Rodgers take the field for the Packers, I couldn’t help but think of where Brett was watching the game.

We don’t have cable, and I needed to be home with family tonight. But it was an amazing (yet disturbing) feeling to know that I’m tuning into the same game that Brett Favre is. He HAD to be watching. The Packers were taking the field for the first time in 17 years WITHOUT him.

Ted Thompson should be fired. I’m a Packers fan, and maybe a bigger Favre fan. The leadership of the Packers has made a huge mistake – from a business perspective. A leadership failure, that of which their large egos won’t allow them to realize.

It’s just not right. But it’s another example for me where I need to keep in check the truely important things in life.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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