Taking Notes

I’ve been taking notes all weekend. We are in Northfield, Minnesota for the wedding of Emily and Brian and I can’t help ignore the feeling that this one is different; this one is special. If you want to see how a father should give his daughter away, this is it. 
Emily is very special to us. She babysat Sorin and Norah a few years ago and really connected with our family. Anyone who watches your kids is special. But there are certain ones that still rise above for whatever reason. The more I’ve gotten to know the Quinnell family this weekend the easier it is to see why Emily rose up on our list. 
Tonight I was taking notes from Emily’s father, Mark. He lead the team and conducted himself with such grace, love and poise that I couldn’t help but notice it all starts with him. He has exactly one daughter; he gave her away tonight. If and when I ever get to give away Norah, this will be one of my models. 

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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