The Day After the day after

It’s the day after the day after. World Water Day was two days ago, which makes today the day after the day after. I voiced my frustration that we need to even have a “world water day” but I get it. We easily forget. We need to be reminded. More accurately we need to be hit upside the head. And then (from personal experience) we still don’t do what we need or should do. I’m doing my part to remember, reflect, and take action.

Part of my strategy was to extend World Water Day into Sunday. That’s when Sorin and I took these pics on Instagram and posted them via Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson.

Hans and Sorin Schiefelbein

Those pics donated $1 to clean water projects, and 25 pics means clean water for one person. The pic was “favorited” by my friend Charlie from Jars of Clay because clean water is near and dear to his heart, too. He and his bandmates started Blood:Water Mission to fight for the same cause. I mention Charlie to demonstrate that when you believe in a cause, you spend your time there. You make it part of your narrative, your story, what you talk about and where you spend your time. It feels right that when I do something to promote clean water, other champions of the cause would give a little pat on the pack, give a Twitter hi-five, somehow communicate that they see what you’re doing and nod in agreement. I can’t provide clean water by myself. But together we can make things happen.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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