The Last Twelfth

Sure, ‘twelfth’ is a weird word but it fits here. Yesterday marked the start of the last 1/12 of the year. December 1st means I get to sing Christmas songs to my kids for bedtime, play Christmas music 24/7, and most importantly drink egg nog. At the same time it’s that last lap of the year when the end is certainly in sight. I’ve learned to start my reflections early because I want to avoid that December 31st or January 1st temptation to completely revamp my life with new year resolutions.

Enough of the backstory. It’s always a good time to reflect, adjust, and plan. For me that has been a beautiful balance of executing my projects at work, building my personal projects, and thinking about the health of my family. What’s going well? What needs to improve? To be honest I ask myself those questions very often but it is the executing part that I always feel could improve. Do you feel that way too? Are you happy with what you produce or move forward on any given week or month?

November was especially productive because I got Tech Trainer planned out and published the first post, I developed a new tradition with the kids, and moved three big work projects downfield. Like publishing this blog post, it feels great to move things forward. But it’s kind of like exercise for many of my clients: they identify how good it makes them feel but it’s often very difficult to execute, hit publish, or ship that product.

Here’s to the last twelfth. May it finish well and look as healthy as the first twelfth.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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