The Message You Send Yourself

Who leaves a New Year’s Eve party at 11:45pm? Well, I’ve got this friend…

A few years ago we had a party to welcome in the new year. This was before I was married and I was living in an apartment with Scott Mottice. I couldn’t tell you anything else that happened at the party, except that Brady left at 11:45. At the time, Brady Reinke was wrestling for the Badger at the 174 spot. When he announced to me that he was leaving, I couldn’t believe it and needed an explanation. He said that he wanted to be the first person working out in the new year. Nobody would out-train him. Of course none of his competitors knew he was working out at this time. But sometimes it’s more important the message you send yourself than the message you send to others.


Monday I went for a run. I have a very familiar 3.75-mile loop around McFarland that works well for my training. The only thing was that it was the coldest day of the year. By the time I got back, it was -3 with a windchill of -14. I’m preparing now for what I want to do this summer. I’m preparing now for the health and habits I want working full strength all year. I’m preparing myself for launching a new business. And while I’m publishing this post to the world, I think you can tell that this run was more about the message I was telling myself. “On the days you don’t want to train, remember that you did it when it was so cold that it literally hurt. You can do this. Keep going.” Brady told himself that no one would be in that training room earlier than him. Oh by the way, Brady qualified for Nationals that year.

Just to make sure my coldest run of the year wasn’t a fluke, I ran the next day too. The windchill was five degrees colder. It was a little crazy, it was unnecessary, but it was absolutely beneficial to my mental training.

cold running 3 degrees

What action do you need to take to send a message to yourself that you control your own destiny and that you have the ability to be successful?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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