Exercise is Medicine Launches in Madison

Yesterday we officially launched Exercise is Medicine in Madison.  This has been a dream of mine for years, and an active project of mine for a few months now.  The premise is that when you visit your doctor for your regular check-ups, you would be asked about your level of physical activity.  You’re used to getting blood pressure taken, the doctor pokes and prods on your body, and now we want them to ask you how much you move each week.  If you aren’t active enough, your doctor should prescribe exercise or physical activity.

Exercise is Medicine

But doctors cant’t manage that prescription and they certainly can’t handle the management after the program has started.  So the idea is to team up with local exercise specialists and personal trainers to do this work.  I have two doctors who are very interested in this campaign by the American College of Sports Medicine and they’ve agreed to be in my pilot program, which is also a project for an independent study course this semester.  As I finish my graduate degree in Kinesiology, this project will certainly by my seminal work.  I’m very excited for this to launch this week and develop over the next couple months into a real model for the health care field.


I have a few ideas about blogging this process because if it goes as planned, other doctors and trainers will get involved.  My hope is to establish it as a viable program that can be implemented at numerous hospitals or even with individual doctors.


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