Essential Getaway

This weekend Katie and I escaped to the Northwoods for a getaway.  We were able to leave the kids with my mom and dad while we headed three hours north to Fort Wilderness.  It was the Valentine’s banquet on Friday which was amazing food and Fort-style entertainment.  Then Saturday was filled with two cross-country ski runs, a hike through camp and out on the frozen lake, a couple trips to the coffee shop, and great conversations with Katie plus other friends and family.

It was so refreshing to get away.  It showed me how essential is it to get away from the normal life here in Madison, even away from the daily grind of taking care of two kids.  For Katie and I to get away and breathe deeply, relax and refresh ourselves was essential for our marriage.  We haven’t done that enough; we’re trying to do it more.  A healthy and disciplined lifestyle includes knowing when to get away.  As a Christian, I look to the example Jesus to lead my life.  Jesus regularly got away from his disciples, his teaching, even his family so that he could be alone.  Sometimes the disciples didn’t get it, they see the importance.  But there’s value in getting away.

It doesn’t take a 3-hour trip to get away, either.  It can be one our alone at your favorite coffee shop.  It can be a walk to and through the local park, the Arboretum, or any of our beautiful State Parks.  I suppose it could even be driving the back country roads alone.  Life gets busy.  Marriage is hard.  Time alone and time with your spouse will do wonders for your health.  Your family needs you.  So take care of you.

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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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