Monday Morning Routines

Imagine getting to the end of the year and saying that “Every Monday this year I ______.” That’s a pretty big accomplishment! You can fill in the blank with whatever you want. It can be a big thing, a small thing, an easy thing or something really challenging. The point is to establish routine and be successful.

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Will you fail? Maybe.

Will you get back up and keep going? Hopefully.

This challenge was introduced from my friend Jon. I chose to do one big thing for myself and one small thing for someone else. I know, when I say that out loud it sounds very selfish. Anyway….

My big thing is an organizational exercise. Every Sunday I put together a game plan for the upcoming week. My schedule is so busy with grad school, work, starting a business, oh and leading a family! If I don’t plan ahead, things don’t get done. Heck, even when I do plan things fall apart. But so far I’m 8-for-8! It feels so good to start the week with a plan and a visual layout of what’s going to happen in the next five days.

My little thing is that I’m going to add one person to my prayer list. I already pray for my family, but I feel the need to extend this prayer exercise. So far I’ve prayed for Steve, John, Peter, and others.


I think it’s a pretty powerful exercise to have things like these that we do every day, every week, even every month. Routines lead to habits which establish discipline. What simple routine do you need to start to make your work weeks go better?

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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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