Winter Training

My brother works as a financial advisor and is often talking to me about investments, planning ahead for retirement, and the kids’ college funds. He knows that in your 40’s and 50’s it’s too late to start saving for retirement.  The time to do the work is now.  Putting money away, making solid investment decisions, and being disciplined now means you can enjoy the benefits of that hard work in the end

Winter Training

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is no different.  Many people here in Wisconsin are looking ahead to the warm summer months.  We’re sick of this cold weather, all the snow, and not being able to do the things we love in our shorts and t-shirts in mid-June.  But are we ready for that weather?  Are we ready to meet the guys at the park and play a game of pick-up basketball?  Are we ready to sign up for the Devil’s Lake triathlon?  Can we walk our kids to the library without getting winded?

We need to be putting in the work now (yes, in March!) to enjoy the wonderful season of summer just three months away.  That means planning ahead.  That means doing the work now.  That means discipline.  Do you need a good winter hat?  Some gloves or a running vest to keep you warm?

If you’re at all like me, you’ve had those moments in May and June when the weather is fantastic but you haven’t quite put in the training you wish you had.  And you’re asking yourself, “Why didn’t I start those workouts in February?”  Remember, the best time to start a workout is last month.  The second best time is tomorrow.

winter training


2 thoughts on “Winter Training

  1. Jess

    We were just having this conversation Hans, great timing for some motivation to get out there. 3 miles for me, 8 for grant on Sunday… Hoping to be ready to hang with you this summer 🙂

    1. Hans

      Nice Jess! If we’re starting now, summer will be fantastic. I want to do some lake runs in Milwaukee with you guys this summer. And we should do the Arboretum loop also.


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