Tipping Point

What will be the tipping point for this country to value and pursue their health? You can’t refute (a) the health status of our country (33% overweight, another 33% obese) or (b) the science of how we get healthier. It literally blows me away that our country, the most powerful one in the world, is this unhealthy! It’s embarrassing and it needs to change. I think one of the most powerful arguments for why we need people in this country to exercise and be healthy was written by my friend Spence. Basically, he says you need to be healthy because your friends and your family need you. And they need you to be focused and working like a champ.


As an exercise specialist, I get excited when I think about the good we’re doing consulting with people and companies to become a healthier population. But I was taken back this week when a professor of mine was making the argument that exercise consultation isn’t working, it isn’t the answer. The answer, he claimed, was learning about people’s genetics and changing people with drugs. I was literally speechless. He’s right in that our ability to consult with people to pursue a healthy lifestyle is extrememly difficult. But I believe there are individuals and companies out there doing great things to make a dent, leave their mark on their towns and cities. We can make our country happier. I can make Wisconsin thinner! But it will take a lot of work. Drug therapy and genetic coding is not the answer. It may be part of the solution, but exercise is the answer. It can be fun, it can be rewarding, it will improve more than your health. We can make it work!

What will be the tipping point? Movies and books catch on, if even for a moment in our pop culture. TV and radio personalities generate huge followings and can leverage incredible influence. What will be the tipping point where the healthy and active lifestyle is valued and pursued with wreckless abandon and our leaders, our workers, our families are healthy?

I’d be very interested to hear what you have to think.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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