Think Spring (or whatever it takes to cheer up)

I love winter.  I love the cold.  I love cross-country skiing with Katie and sledding with my kids.  But God also wired me to greatly appreciate the seasons, and I’m ready for spring.  I’m ready for spring because the last few weeks have been extremely busy and stressful.  My grad school program was front-loaded with work this semester, so that took a lot of time.  And lots of things were still happening around our house:

  • Katie is due with our third child in May.
  • I launched Exercise is Medicine in Madison.
  • I’m preparing for graduation and a job search.
  • My daughter is turning 3 (that blows my mind!).
  • I started swimming at the local high school in preparation for triathlon training.
  • And I’m still running outside, now with more vigor with this wonderful weather!

Things are happening!  It’s spring!

But a couple weeks ago I was signing a different tune.  I won’t get into the details, but the situation was a lot different.  The last few days have given me reason to see the bright future ahead.  Some of this can be attributed to circumstances beyond my control, some of this is a reflection of the work I’ve put in, and the last part is from a simple change in attitude.  As Coach Lecher says, “Life is a series of adjustments.”

Spring time is a great time to transition from the seasonal cold of winter to the warmth of summer.  The same can be said for other areas of life, from school and work to family and friends.  It’s almost like a mini-New Years!  Our lives are too important to be stuck in anything less than doing great work.

Reset.  Take an hour, take 15 minutes – whatever it takes.  Recalibrate your daily workflow.  Reflect on what’s worked, what hasn’t, what needs tweaking.  Because my guess is that we need you to be at your best.  

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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