The Perfect Dress Shirt – Like You Care

I’ve faced reality – not many men I hang out with appreciate style like I do. Now I’m not saying that I’m the most stylish man I know… but wait, I am the most stylish man I know. Let’s give credit where credit is due – Katie has contributed a significant edge to my wardrobe over the last three years. But I’ve always had an appreciation for stylish clothes and creating a “look” of my own.

For a couple years now, I’ve been looking for the perfect dress shirt. It’s a staple of the man’s wardrobe. At first glance it’s a necessity for black tie affairs (weddings and funerals), but more and more it can be worn with jeans with or without a tie. During these winter months I love a collar under a nice wool sweater. My search for the perfect white dress shirt was a joy to research. I’ll spare you the ones that didn’t make the cut. Every man should know that Brooks Brothers makes the perfect All-American dress shirt.

It was named best dress shirt by the New York Times Magazine. It’s a classic. I know most people I run with don’t read the magazines I read, so I’m here to tell you (and you should tell your friends) that it is widely assumed that Brooks Brothers has perfected the classic dress shirt.

Well Saturday night I was in Chicago with Katie and some cousins. We have made it an annual trip to the Windy City for a Christmas festival called Christkindlmarket and we make some time for good shopping. This year I told Katie the only thing I wanted was the Brooks Brothers dress shirt. In true Hans fashion, I let the crowd move on ahead so I could soak in all that is Brooks Brothers (what a great store on Michigan Ave). It was a quick purchase – he sized me up, still 15 1/2 and 34. He got it off the shelf for me, and I was done. Of course I wasn’t done. I had to indulge in everything else Brooks Brothers had to offer, but I had gotten what I came for.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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