Thoughts on Norah’s Birthday

To say we had a wonderful weekend for Norah’s birthday and Easter would be an understatement.  Norah’s birthday was a smashing success with the family and friends who came for lunch and an Egg Hunt in the afternoon.  I obviously see Norah every day, so it was fun to see her a little more alert, excited, even interactive throughout the weekend.  The large amount of people didn’t intimidate her.  That’s my girl.

Norah loved her scone at Lazy Jane's

Norah’s birthday weekend started on Friday and conveniently I had a rain day at work, so I was able to go out for breakfast with the family.  Where would Norah want to go on her first birthday?  Lazy Jane’s, of course!!

The real party started Saturday.  Family started arriving at 9am and then we had everyone here by 11:30 for lunch.

  • Grandpa Steve and all of Katie’s siblings were up from Milwaukee.
  • Grandpa Dave and Grandma Margit brought Great Grandma over.
  • Tim and Amy brought Max.
  • Megan and Jeff came over.
  • Matt and Amanda brought Cole and Matt’s “mum,” Lynn.

Jess' cookies were impressive!

Jess made these great cookies for dessert.  Do you think Norah liked them?  She liked the dirt cake, too!

Think she liked it?

After a wonderful lunch we were fighting some kids desperately wanting to take a nap.  But we went ahead with the Egg Hunt, and the kids really had a blast.


You can see some of the pictures in the Facebook album.  But for now I’ll say Norah liked

Grant said he'd teach Norah softball this summer.

the eggs she found, and especially like the eggs others brought to honor the birthday girl.

It was an amazing couple of days for Norah’s birthday weekend.  As I mentioned in a previous post, with this being our second child the perspective is a lot different for me.  Whereas I was excited for Sorin’s first birthday I was able to enjoy Norah’s on a

different level and I had a bigger sense of pride for her this weekend.  Being a dad of two kids is such an honor.  I love these parties and events that we put together now.  It’s going to be a great summer.


If you’re reading this, you’re most likely involved in our family’s life, and for that we are very grateful.  Norah is healthy and vibrant, full of life.  We thank God for that.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Norah had a great weekend.

Family picture at Norah's party


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