My Tools for Blogging

Blogging is easier than you think.  You could start with a free Blogger account or you could post to Posterous like my friend Spence.  You could even “micro-blog” in 140 characters via Twitter.  A blog is simply a “web-log.”  It may be a new mentality for many people but I’d be happy to give you some pointers.  I suppose “that post” should proceed this one, but I’m not ready for that one yet.

If you’re interested in how easy and cheap it is to blog like I do, here’s how I’m set up.  I’m going to tell you about three products: web hosting, blogging software, and a blogging theme.

While I started blogging on Blogger in 2006 (my original post: Welcome), I’ve since upgraded to a self-hosted blog.  I purchased my domain and web hosting for $8.95 through DreamHost.  They were running a promo and an acquaintance from the blogosphere (John Saddington, aka @tentblogger) recommended this company.  I went with it and I am very happy – no complaints.  You can sign up for DreamHost right here.

The next part is FREE!  WordPress is the Cadillac of blogging.  The interface is very easy to use.  And at the same time you can do some pretty advanced things if you want to go there.  WordPress has a bunch of geeks who love to make the product better.  It’s definitely a little cult, but that’s a good thing.  You can download the latest version of WordPress here.  The great thing about self-hosting (back to DreamHost) is that all the good ones offer 0ne-click install of WordPress.  If you need help, let me know.

Lastly, there are plenty of free themes out there, but I’ve chosen to upgrade to Standard Theme.  The guy I mentioned earlier, John Saddington, developed this theme to be very clean and build on industry standards.  That may not mean anything to you, but trust me: this guy makes great stuff, and you’ll love to write and publish material on this software and your blog will look and perform wonderfully!  Interested in Standard Theme?  Click here.

So in review, I purchased my domain and host it at DreamHost, I use WordPress software, and I run it on Standard Theme.  Do you think you’ve got a blog somewhere inside you?  I’d be happy to help you get it off the ground as you introduce yourself to the world.


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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