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TRX Training

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Sometimes you come across a product in your field and have that “ahh haa” moment. My formal education and training, along with my personal experience including time with clients has given me an eye of critical thinking and a gut instinct. When I first saw the TRX suspension trainer, I thought, “of course!”

Military Origin

What began in the military using parachute chord has evolved in to a great product. The concept is simple:

  • hang straps from a secure structure
  • use the straps to push, pull and twist your body
  • adjust the intensity with a few basic, common sense modifications

Now, I’ve simplified. Trust me, there’s an incredible amount of science behind this training. We’ll get into that later. Yesterday’s training (a) taught me some great principles, (b) increased my exercise library, and (c) invigorated my spirit for training on this device. And I’m happy to announce that I’ll be featuring suspension training on my blog because I believe in it’s ability to work for so many people.

One important take-away for the day was continuing education. Full disclosure, I hate that phrase. It sounds so dull to me. You too? I’m not sure where that comes from but if you’re like me, you need to fight it. Because when you think about it, continuing education is so important. Leaders and successful people continue their education. They try new things. They update their skill set on old things to push the bar forward. I’ve done TRX informally (without training) for over six years. This educational experience was so worth the time and money.

You don’t need to take a class. You don’t need to purchase a product. You need to write in your journal something you’re going to do to advance your skills. You need to look back on a day, a week, a season or a project and say “this is what I did.”

I’m so excited about TRX training. If you’ve ever thought about it or have any questions, please make drop me a line in the comments.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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