Welcome to the Game Plan

I’m here. On the internet, that is. I’ve had this Game Plan in my head for years, but it’s online for the first time ever (and welcome to it). It’s changed quite often. It’s been busier at times, it’s been slower at times, it’s had it’s successes and failures. It’s been the focus and it’s been neglected. But in the end, I will always have a game plan. It’s the athlete in me, it’s the leader in me – to think, ponder, plan, and execute. To reflect and to critique, live and learn, so I become stronger. Not ‘stronger’ for the sake of me, but stronger for sake of my family and my mission. Who’s my family and what’s my mission? Glad you asked. Come back soon and check out the Game Plan!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Game Plan

  1. K M S

    You’ve got me on the edge of my seat babe!!! What’s the plan?? Tell us, well tell me I guess, seeing as how I’m you’re only reader : )… wait! I think amanda might look you up! I LOVE YOU

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