What I’m Reading – December 2009

Have you ever had the question posed to you:  “If you had one super-power, what would it be?”  I had this asked of me numerous times in college and the answer was always the same.  I wanted to fly.  I mean really, what could be any cooler than that?

But now I’m thinking that the super-power of that super-hero named Book Worm would be pretty cool, too.  You know Book Worm, from that one show.  Or was it a comic strip?  Or am I completely making this up?  Anyway, I’ve given up on my desire to fly.  Now I want to be able to read at super-human, yes super-hero speeds.  Because my library isn’t getting any smaller and my desk is getting cluttered with unfinished books.

It seems most readers that I talk with have the same problem.  We just can’t finish a book before we start another.  Then another.  And another. And soon we have four books going.  I remember having to do this in college because we had 4-6 classes per semester.  But now I should be able to pick up one or two books and have them finished before I start another, right?

Needless to say I’m not reading fast enough and my attention-deficit disorder is getting the best of me.  So here’s what I’m reading right now:

There’s actually two others I’ve consciously put down until this list gets shortened, so I’ll save myself the embarrassment.  If I had the powers of Book Worm I wouldn’t have to worry about this.

So what are you reading?

4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – December 2009

  1. katie

    Hans, you should try reading fiction – you would soon find that you have NO PROBLEMO finishing a book : )

    I am reading Garrison Keillor's book 'Leaving Home' and am finding it to be quite delightful. It is a collection of his very witty, very funny, very imaginative Lake Wobegon Stories.

  2. Chris

    I am impressed by you only having 5 in rotation. I am such a voracious reader that I actually have a notepad with stop points for all my books. Non-fiction and biographies mainly. Keep up the blog Hans, I enjoy it.

  3. Hans Schiefelbein

    Katie – yeah, about those novels. Not there yet. Or should I say right now. I love certain novels (Into Thin Air, Into the Wild).

  4. Hans Schiefelbein

    Chris – thanks for writing. So what are you reading? What types of books to you gravitate towards? If you have a good biography I'd be very interested.


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