What’s Happening in the Schools

In my search for a teaching job, I’ve been subbing in the Verona Area School District. I just got finished with a long-term sub position in elementary P.E. and realized how much I missed being in the schools. It’s been a very frustrating endeavor applying to schools and hearing how many other candidates put their resumes in for the same position. Lately I’ve been thinking about “outside the box” ideas for teaching. I’ve had a home school opportunity come my way, and the idea of running my own business and having it be in the field of education is very appealing to me. I’ve also looked into an outdoor education program, and really like the possibility of doing something like that.

To be honest, it’s really hard to trust God for this when I haven’t really seen anything work out yet. The long-term sub thing was great, and maybe that was my “re-entry” into the field. I just don’t know where to go – is it time to leave Madison and maybe even Wisconsin? I know (many) other 20-somethings are struggling with the same issues and situations, but it doesn’t give me much comfort.

What I do know is that I love teaching and I love physical activity. I also know God cares about me and my family a great deal, and I must continually put this before Him and be a good steward of my time and resources.

In my subbing days, I’ve been all over. One of the coolest things I’ve seen was at Glacier Edge Elementary. It’s a new school in Verona, so they have all the newest technology. The have a mobile computer lab for the whole school to use. It’s a cart that is equipped with a printer on the top. When you open the side panel, this is what you see:

This is 22 Apple MacBooks. They all plug into the cart to recharge before they travel to the next class that needs them. Each student gets their own computer. If there’s work to print, they can wirelessly print to the afore mentioned printer on top of the cart. Pretty cool set-up.

One of my subbing assignments last week was a math class for 7th grade. During one of the classes, two girls were playing with the teacher’s pet lizards, who have a cage along the window sill of the room. They took out the lizards, and so I decided I had to have a picture with them.

Schools are really exciting places to be. There’s political crap that certainly gets in the way. That’s why the idea of my own program with home school students is appealing. Outdoor education probably would be free of some of the same politics. No job is perfect, I’m just very anxious to find a place to get my teaching career started.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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