Advent Conspiracy

I love discussing with my wife how we’re deciding to conduct our lives. One area is Christmas spending. Over the last couple years of marriage, we’ve made consistent efforts to create gifts and not focus on the price tag or the pressure to give a certain amount. We’re very much on the same page here. If we see something for $85 and we know a family member really wants (or needs) that, then it’s a joy to get it for them. And if we see another item for $35 that another wants, then the same spirit of giving has been present in each situation. This is obviously easier said than done.

At the same time, Katie and I are trying to give more to causes near and dear to our hearts. The biggest for me is Blood:Water Mission. Started by Jars of Clay, BW:M exists to provide clean drinking water to areas of Africa affected by the AIDS pandemic. I need to fully dedicate a post to this cause. But for now it’s part of a different cause.

So Katie and I are trying to be conscious about our giving at Christmas. Then this movement called Advent Conspiracy comes out. Advent Conspiracy is best described as “taking back Christmas from the pop culture of spending more, and bringing it back to the Christian heart of giving.” The videos at the right of the Advent Conspiracy blog are fantastic.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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