Historic Day

Politics make for polarizing discussions.  Sometimes it’s the social norm to avoid political discussions.  Many went to the polls today with their candidate on the tip of their pen.  And we all waited to see how the numbers came in.

Republicans and Democrats.  Red and Blue.  Age, race, experience, policy…  Do you know what today was about?  Freedom to vote.  The beautiful reality that in America, our President is chosen by the people.  We just elected a black man to be the 44th President of the United States of America.  History was made to day.  Let that sink in.
If you voted for him, you’re probably relieved and excited.  Many are moved to tears.  If you voted for the other guy, you’re probably frustrated and disappointed.  Many are admittedly scared for the leadership decisions Barack Obama may make.  I view the future as optimistic.  Can our country move in a worse direction?  Politics are very polarizing.  But I choose to trust the leadership of our public servants and believe that they will work long and hard to strengthen our country.
It’s a privilege to vote in America.  It’s a right to express your opinions.  But I firmly believe it’s our responsibility to support our leaders and to give them a chance to do good.  

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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