Athletes Get Injured

Sunday was very hot. Not an ideal day to run 12 miles, but that’s what where Katie’s at in our training for our Milwaukee Marathon (I’m a little behind, but will be back on pace next weekend). After running through the Abroretum and Vilas Park, we were coming down Monroe Street when I hit a crack in the sidewalk and went down. Fortunately, I was able to roll out of it and escape injury free. As we continued, Katie was amazed that I hadn’t hurt myself. But as we were talking about it, Katie’s foot hit an edge on the concrete – and down she went. I could tell she was more angry than hurt (which is a good thing). But the run was over. I ran back to the car and picked her up. After ice and elevation all afternoon, we talked to Joel Dreier – our friend who’s an athletic trainer. He said she could run as long as it doesn’t hurt and that she wouldn’t make it any worse as long as she didn’t roll it again. Well now the ankle’s swelling is back along with some black and blue coloration.

Athletes get injured. It’s bound to happen. We’re glad it wasn’t more serious. She’ll be on the bike this week and we’ll hope to get out running soon. We’re also glad the marathon is still 2+ months away.

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