Devi’s Lake

One of Wisconsin’s greatest summer destinations is Devil’s Lake State Park. With Katie’s planning, the two of us and four of our cousins made the trip on Independence Day 2006.

Katie had our spot set up by 9am.

Grant, Tori, Brad, and Kelly came a little after noon, and we fired up the grill.

After burgers and brats, we played a game of Boche (complete with huge doses of ADD).

Ususally the players don’t balance their balls on their shoulders, but these aren’t usual players.

We decided to hike the famous bluffs from our spot on the south shore. If you’ve never been here, the pictures probably won’t do it justice. It’s an easy climb and the views are beautiful. Grant was struggling b/c he was in flip-flops.

Our dilema was finding Balanced Rock. Here’s the sign pointing 2 different ways to it. The thing is, Balanced Rock is actually behind the sign – you can see it in the background (click on the left picture and you can see it in the background above and to the left of the sign). Brad and I pose when we actually found the thing.

As I said, the views look good here but are better in person.

So visit beautiful Devil’s Lake. You won’t be disappointed.

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