The Romantic Anniversary

I didn’t believe it until I heard it from my wife’s lips – our romantic anniversary is more important than our wedding anniversary. My good friend Chris Dolson first told me this to be true. I didn’t really comprehend the statement until Katie affirmed it. So here I am, celebrating our romantic anniversary. TMI? I don’t think so – I hate that kind of thing. I’m here to tell you about something we all do, something we all think about, and something some of us should probably think about more – kissing.

According to my last entry, Katie and I met at the Memorial Union Terrace on a Thursday afternoon two years ago. I asked her to hang out a couple days later, at a Brewers Game. It was there that I asked her on an official date. We went to breakfast at Lazy Jane’s. No kiss. Then I asked her out for a second date later that day – La Hacienda on Park Street. No kiss. We walked down to the terrace and out for coffee at Starbucks. Now it gets interesting. There was a severe tornado warning, so Starbucks was making everyone get into the basement. I knew this meant one thing – no kiss. So I got us out of there and we went back to her place. Amanda was there and was facinated with the storm. I was facinated with the anticipation of the start of this romantic anniversary… No kiss. And that ended our date.

Should I just get to it? We were down at Summerfest the next night for the fireworks, and I was thinking of the perfect thing to say, it wasn’t perfect, but No kiss No more. Come on! Smile, you’ve been there…! It’s not TMI, it’s romantic. And it’s memorable, and that’s a romantic anniversary!

As I learn about marriage, I’m realizing the importance of such things. Sure, they mean a lot to Katie but they also mean a lot to me. Memories are so precious. They’re unique. They stir an emotion that’s personal and powerful. Certain memories can never be replicated, but they can never be lost. They’re yours forever. Words to live by – Remember.

5 thoughts on “The Romantic Anniversary

  1. Todd Steinhauer

    I would like to pause and make a few notes of paragraph three…

    “Should I just get to it? We were down at Summerfest the next night for the fireworks…”
    ‘We’ in this case means Hans, Katie and Todd. ‘We’ originally was Hans and Todd, but when he asked me the question, “Are you still coming with Katie and I to summerfest?” I knew plans had changed.

    “and I was thinking of the perfect thing to say,”
    …after I told Todd to roll over the other way. He may not have actually told me that, but that’s what I did. I mean c’mon, guess which one of the three people didn’t belong on the blanket.

    “Come on! Smile, you’ve been there…!”
    That is correct. I was there. As much as I do give Hans a hard time about this, I’m truly lucky to be the 3rd man on the blanket. Hans damn well better have married her, because if he pulled this crap and not married her…it wouldn’t be good.

    Happy romantic anniversary!

  2. K M S

    You are the man, Hans, baby!

    Summer… I miss you…

    Todd… that was really funny… very appropriate for you to make an appearance on this blog entry.


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