06.17.04 – Yes, 2004

Yesterday Katie and I went to the Memorial Union Terrace. Hundreds of other people were there with us, and thousands will do the same this summer. But our trip to the Terrace had memories rolling through our heads. Two years ago, I was talking to my friend Amanda about coming to see her cousin, Katie, at the Terrace on a warm Thursday afternoon. Her sisters Becky and Kelly were there, as was our friend Jodie. I walked down the steps and met Katie for the first time. We ended up sitting on the upper deck and playing cards under that tree which sits in the middle of the seating area. I got a pitcher of beer for us and we had our first conversation. I don’t remember what we talked about, what she wore, or even what was going through my mind. What I do remember is an excitement about meeting this new girl, a girl who kept me at the edge of my seat and who I just wanted to spend more time with. I wanted to drive her home, but she insisted on walking home with Amanda and Jodie. But that was the start. What happened in the next week will be the subject of my next entry. How’s that for an unapologetic cliffhanger?

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