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As I said in my last post, Katie gave me the best gift ever… a three day trip to Door County. The details are what made the trip such a great gift. When I travel, I need to have maps and research about where we’re going. I love maps. I have to know what coffee shops are in the area and where we can stop along the way to make the trip as memorable as possible. So Katie put together a 13-page itinerary (seen here) for a trip that included 2 days where I thought we’d be working – she took off work with my boss!

We left Sunday afternoon and got into Sturgeon Bay where we had reservations at our bed and breakfast. Here’s a pic.
The coolest thing was our room was called the Library Suite. As you can see, the room was located behind a bookshelf – I think I’ll have to include such a feature when I build our house in the years to come.

Monday we went to the Simon Creek Winery and sat outside for a bottle and a snack, while listening to a guitar player. That night we had dinner at the Inn at Kristopher’s – if you can get reseravations for about 7:30, you’ll catch a beautiful sunset.

Tuesday we were supposed to go to Penninsula State Park to ride bikes, picnic, and lay in the sun. But the sun was interupted by clouds and thunder showers. It rained hard all day – huge bummer. So we’ll have to come back up to do this part of Door County. So we made our adjustments and found an unexpected thrill-of-a-time — antiques! Katie bought an iron wallhanging and I got an old catcher’s mask. I plan to have a baseball theme for the summer on our mantle.

We had relaxing breakfasts, romantic dinners, good coffee, good conversation, and new wonderful memories from our trip to Door County. Plan a trip there soon and call us for some places we found and loved.

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