Chapter 02: Wellness Game Plan

Sports provide the perfect analogies for life. That’s why when I was thinking about the title for my original blog, I landed on Hans’ Game Plan. Each week, the Green Bay Packers have a game plan. They’ve scouted the opponent, they know their own team’s strengths and weaknesses, and the result is a game plan for Sunday’s competition. Coach McCarthy can’t prepare for (literally) every situation the team will face on game day. But he has plays he wants to run. He has defensive objectives to try to stop a certain facet of the opponent’s offense. If they have to run a 2-minute drill or get a 2-point conversion, those plays are mostly scripted. They have a plan.

Wellness should be executed the same way. What are your strengths? Where are you weak? What is your objective for next 30 days? The next six months? Where do you want to be in one year? You don’t have to have a marathon or Ironman on your calendar to justify this type of training. But the Packers take their opponent seriously, and they gave a game plan. Do you?
Wellness Game Plan
For this 30-day challenge, I have developed a game plan to strengthen my creative muscles. Through iPhone pictures and written words, I’m telling my fitness story here on my blog. I am going to tell the story of my clients at Pinnacle Health and Fitness.I’m sharing pieces of my training philosophy. I’m working on my fitness brand. The original inspiration for this is nanowrimo. But as a true artist, I know the rules and now I’m breaking them. I’m not a fiction writer. I’m an exercise specialist. And this is my game plan.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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