I still haven’t made sense of the shooting in Charleston. Of course I never will. Yesterday I steered clear of the typical tweet: “Thinking and praying for Charleston.” I was thinking. I was praying. But I wasn’t writing about it because it was too fresh. Plus I agree with Eddie:

So can we talk about this in the absence of crisis? Can we be proactive instead of reactive? I don’t have answers. I’m not sure I’m for or against gun control, but I can relate to the words of President Obama:

As a Christian I believe we live in a fallen world. I believe the world was originally perfect and our sin messed that up. Our only hope for glory is trusting that Jesus has paid for our sin. If we believe that, we can be redeemed.

I offer that note because it’s how I can somehow wrap my mind around these types of tragedies. It helps me. But this latest shooting somehow hit closer to home. It brought me to a new reality: for the first time I realized it’s entirely possible that a random act of violence can happen to me. And in that reality I can only find comfort knowing when this life is over, I will be with Jesus. I do not say that flippantly. I do not want to die. But waiting until the end of life is too late to determine if God does or does not exist.

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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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