Mom’s Retirement


I’m up as I am every morning, sitting on the couch getting ready for my day. I’m watching across the street more than usual because it’s my mom’s last commute to work. She retires tomorrow, but she’s staying the night in Pewaukee to see some friends. So this morning she leaves for the last time. It’s been an interesting year for us because we both leave for work around the same time in the mornings.


I think I missed her! She’s not opening the garage door at her usual time. But I’ve been up since 4:30 – I couldn’t have missed her!


There she is! I’m out the door but she doesn’t see me. Now waving and now I missed her! I wanted to wish her well on her last commute! Now I have to catch her before she hits the belt line.

I proceed to blow through the lights at Siggelkow and Terminal; she’s just turning left under 51, but four cars are now between us. This probably won’t happen. A red light at Vogues! And there’s a perfect amount of cars in each lane, I pull up right next to her and wave! She doesn’t look happy. But there’s a good reason. It’s not that she’s not happy, it’s that she’s fighting back some tears, her eyes are leaking a little bit. No surprise… if you know my mom. We both know it’s a sentimental moment here at 5:34am. Only the son of a sentamental mom would take a picture of said mom as she takes the belt line east commute for the last time.


I’m so proud of my mom. For years she’s worked at WCTI, then it became WCTC. I remember when we would walk across the fields from the Pewaukee campus to her car while she finished work at “CTC” as we called it. When the family moved back to Madison (and McFarland), she kept commuting because she loved he job and she was in for the long haul. 


Mom just texted me. 


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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