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Well I didn`t know what the internet situation would be here in Europe. Frankfurt and Munich were tough because we were so busy exploring things that we didn`t have time. Plus you need to pay for the internet service and use junky computers with funny keyboards. It just didnt fit into our schedule.

Here`s what happened:

Munich was fantastic. Our hotel was a little hike away, but to get there we had to walk through their version of State Street meets Michigan Avenue. Our hotel was verz nice, and I give up on the YZ thing. There was a market right up the street and a Starbucks on the other side. I went and got coffee everz mornign for us. We did Mike`s Bike Tours on Sundaz and that was excellent – easilz the best waz to see Munich. So manz people bike. Our tour guide, Steve, was an Irish guz from Dublin. He was verz helpful. We were whipped out after the tour. The next daz we did Neuschwanstein Castle. That was amazing for me. It`s just so grand and majestic. Onlz 1/3 was finished, so that was a little disappointing.

Zurich was rather uneventful. I got my Swiss Army knife and Katie got a verz cool jacket – militarz stzle. Everzone in Munich had militarz coats – their stzle here is verz cool. Now I have expereinced what Katie means bz dressing `Euro`.

Then it was off to Interlaken – our gatewaz to Gimmelwald, where I`m writing from. I wish I had time to explain the trip to get here. Everzthing went well, but there were quite a few parts. The Alps just got bigger and bigger. First thez were covered bz the clouds. Then this morning we saw them in their entiretz. I can onlz hope our pictures do some justice. This morning we hiked to Murren, which is a ski resort. We went through and hiked up as far as we could. And let me tell zou, I just skipped over the tough part of the daz. The hike was èasy` but that is when there`s no snow. The altitude was getting to us, and we had to stop numerous times to catch our breath. The sights were amazing – I`m sorrz I cannot send zou anz now. Here was the bad (reallz bad) part of the daz – we got fried. I think Katie has here first everz Farmer`s Tan. Our faces hurt when we came off that mountain.

And that`s all we have for now. Zou can`t imagine how much we`re leaving out. But we are exhausted and I just wanted to write so zou could get it todaz – in our time. Sorrz we didn`t write sooner. Esther`s has internet, so we`ll trz to write a couple more times. If I can, I`ll send zou a link of a map where we`re hiking. It`s so amaying. What the visitors saz is “I will be back” and that is so true for Katie and I.

If you`ve made it this far -thanks. I truely wish I had more time to write and post pics, but such is life for a traveling team like Katie and I.

Tomorrow I will post a couple pictures to prove that we`re really hear. How`s that for a teaser?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey post some pictures. We are in cedarburg for Easter. the girls are playing a game with grant at the dinning room table. i think olivia is winning because grant is yelling.



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