Our Arrival!!

As Katie and I checked in for our international flight, we learned that had been moved up to business class, but we wouldn’t be sitting together. The lady said it would work out fine – suggesting we’d “make it work.” Sure enough, two gentlemen were kind enough to let us switch so that we could sit together – did I mention business class?

In business class, my feet couldn’t reach the seat in front of me. For our meal, I had a choice between cheese tortilini and filet migon (I chose the latter). Everyone was taking off their shoes – it’s a German thing. The things we learn when we travel…

I won’t go on and on, but the flight couldn’t have been better. The lay overs were managable, and it actually seemed painless when we finally reached Amsterdam. The one our flight to Frankfurt was easy.

When we finally figured out which train to take out of the airport, we were on our way. As we left the dark terminal on a high speed train, we popped out into my first sights of Germany. The train sped it’s way through a forest of trees – birch and pin oaks. What an amazing introduction to the country!! The trees were all seemingly perfectly straight. Browns and whites were streaking past us as we made our way to the city. Two stops later, we were at the main train station. Our hotel is literally across the street. We just got done walking the downtown. Hard to describe – wonderfully new and fresh. We ate an appetizer outside at a nice cafe, and now we’re off for dinner.

Thanks for checking in with us. Pics might be hard to come by but we’ll do what we can.

Until then, hope you’re well.

Hans and Katie

2 thoughts on “Our Arrival!!

  1. Mary

    yay!!! so exciting to hear from you guys. the trip sounds fantastic so far – we’re thinking of and praying for you!

  2. JP

    Yo! The biz class thing rocks! (I’m not sure the shoes off thing is German, though. I think it’s a comfort thing as your feet swell when you fly and in biz class, it’s all about the comfort, baby!


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