First full day in Freiburg

On a strong recommendation from two women we met on our way out of Gimmewald, Katie decided to travel to Baden-Baden for the bath. We looked up a couple of the descriptions of what a bath entails (16 sections, 10-15 minutes each) and I almost joined her. Hot and cold baths, massages, all sounded very appealing, especially after our hiking in the Alps. But we figured Katie wanted this more than I, and I would rather wander Freiburg for a few hours.

I just got done with a 60 minute run. I headed out of Freiburg and ran the entire way along a river. I am guessing I went about 3.5 miles out and was never more than 20 feet from the water. At one point, I crossed in front of a dam across some rocks for a little variety. There were bikers, walkers, and runners everywhere. A very beautiful run.

Now I am off to the city. I still have a tram pass that is very convenient. My mission is to find lunch and then find a place to take Katie on a date tonight. The weather is expected to be 64 today – another beautiful one here in Germany.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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