On to Freiburg

We checked out of Ester`s Guesthouse this morning after purchasing some more of her wonderful homemade bread and yogurt. We said goodbye to our new friends from Seattle and were on the gondola down from Gimmelwald. The travels were decent. It was rather sad to leave the Swiss Alps. But a couple transfers later we arrived in Basel. Soon we were in Freiburg and our only small glitch was finding tickets for the tram to our hostel.

We are staying at the Black Forest Hostel and it is VERY cool. I have never been in a hostel before – very airy, earthy, and cozy. One small walk around town and we are calling it a day. Props to John Swee for recommending Freiburg.

2 thoughts on “On to Freiburg

  1. Anonymous

    Hey its Dawnie;

    So fun to read all the updates of your trip, and I’m thankful I am not trying to do it with you, you almost killed me last time! Have been having fun up here in Cedarburg, our friday service at church was very powerful,it was the day of Christs last supper and betrayal, walking to different stations in the darkend hallways. Right now after Easter dinner we are all on computers doing different things, and of course golf is on!
    Too bad the Dublin trip did not work out, it is beautiful as well and very green right now. My sister Gayle’s husband is from Ireland and his brother Basil owns all the youth hostels througout Ireland and many business’ in downtown Dublin. Could have gotten you for free maybe!
    We will stay informed of your trip. So very excited you could take this trip, what a life!
    hugs and prayers, Dawnie


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