Game Day!

Theres’ something special about the first Saturday of the football season. Sure, a few teams kicked off the 2007 season on Thursday night, but let’s be honest – the season starts today. After a back-and-forth week with tickets, I thought Game Day for me meant meeting my brother and his wife at Lucky’s for pre-game. Then Katie said she’d join me for the game — “oh by the way, we have tickets!” A doctor from work gave her possibly the best seats in the house – 25 rows up on the 50-yard line.

Life is good in the Schiefelbein household this fine Saturday morning. We just had a great breakfast made in the aforementioned cast iron skillet. Katie made her signature tube-top from an old Wisconsin shirt of mine, and I’m ready for that walk to the stadium.

This place off Monroe Street is great – it reminds me of the college days of “park at my house and walk to the game.” It’s not like we’re downtown like the college students, but we’re within striking range – right where Katie and I like to be.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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