The 20/15 Prayer Challenge

Pastor Chris wants the Christ followers of Blackhawk church to always pursue a deeper relationship with God. We should read more, pray more, serve more. I greatly appreciate his leadership. On the eve of a new year, we all are tempted to make sweeping changes, right? Chris knows this and I think (like me) he gets nervous because we all have a difficult time sticking with those new year resolutions. But a challenge? That’s not a resolution. That’s a challenge. A project. A worth goal. And here it is.

As a church, we should be pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ. The challenge (for 2015) is to take 20 days per month and spend 15 minutes with God in those days. It’s the 20/15 Prayer Challenge.

My relationship with Christ is similar to relationships we have with friends and family. The relationship improves when it starts with listening. I will listen to God. Then I will read about God’s story. And I will pray to align myself with God’s will. Fifteen minutes for twenty days each month. That is achievable, but that is certainly a challenge.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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