Time in the Wilderness

Isn’t it amazing what happens when you spend time in God’s Great Outdoors? I was up in Rhinelander for Fort Wilderness’ 50th Anniversary.
Fort Wilderness is a Christian camp started in 1956 by Truman Robertson, Katie’s grandfather. I’ve always enjoyed camping but haven’t done much in the last few years. My last trip opened my eyes to the beauty of Christian camping. The staff put together a scavenger hunt that I was a little skeptical of at first, but we all really got into it. Before we knew it, we were traversing from one end of camp to the other. Here we look for a match under the microscope in the Nature Center. Then we put the pieces of the map and clue together to find the hidden treasure.

We enjoyed great meals (Wranglers’ Breakfast is unbeatable) and I really appreciated packing my Mountainsmith pack for the day – complete with hat, shades, camera, coffee mug, Nalgene, and some reading material – before walking down from the Eagle’s Roost (Truman’s old house) to camp for whatever adventures came our way.

(Wranglers’ Breakfast)

I’m not suggesting that I’m moving to Camp, although the thought has crossed my mind. What I’m saying is that God will use His creation (as we escape to it) to speak to us. During my time at Fort, God encouraged me that my passion for Christian work, my passion for the outdoors, my passion for physical/outdoor education are all wired in me for a reason.

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