Tying Loose Ends Together

I doubt anyone has really missed me during my 2 week hiatus, but I really have been itching to post to the Game Plan. I haven’t posted because I’ve been so busy, but it’s been a good couple weeks. I was in Delafield for two days working for Woodhaven Homes which turned out really well. The moment that was done, Katie and I were off to Rhinelander for Fort Wilderness’ 50th Anniversary. That was such a wonderful weekend, and it will be the topic of my next post (so come back!).

I’m kicking myself because I don’t have any pictures. And my Game Plan is just not complete without pictures, so I’m going to the internet to grab something right now. No, I think I’ll look in my collection and pull something up…

Here’s one of my favorites. This is Katie and I last year at the Robertson family reunion. We went to Stockade 80 – Fort’s Riffle Range. Katie completely surprised me and jumped into a pit next to me and started shooting – she was really good. We had a blast and so we had to take this “Bonnie and Clyde” picture.

Here’s another one from last year – we got tickets from her work for a Badger Game. Of course the football season is upon us, and we’re going to the home opener Friday with Matt and Amanda.

Lastly, here’s one from this summer. Katie and I went to a Mallard’s game for Brady’s birthday. I love my Brewers hat, but Katie has a good point – it just doesn’t fit right. So here’s a series of pictures of me kissing the hat goodbye.

Sorry if this entry didn’t have much value. I really came to the blog unprepared, and I apologize. But you need to come back and here’s why: It’s the end of summer, the end of a crazy schedule. Katie is enrolled at MATC and so she’s going to have homework, which means we’ll be working together at Bariques (our coffee shop and internet access). It’s the start of the ministry season for us at the Link. I love the fall – It’s football season!! See you soon.

One thought on “Tying Loose Ends Together

  1. Dave Kludt

    Hans, sweet blog! I found it from your facebook page. I’m excited to continue hearing your thoughts and reflections on ministry and life!

    Oh, something you would appreciate…Krissy and I had our first “celebrity sighting” out here…we ran into Bradley Whitford at a liquor store in Pasadena. Extremely random. It appeared that Josh Lyman likes Tequila and IPA’s.

    Take care man, hope you guys are doing well!!


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