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Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today my girlfriend, Katie, threw me a surprise birthday a party at Vilas park. Somehow I got wind of it and decided to turn a celebration of me into a celebration about us: I asked her to marry me. 

So that went well. 

What great memories. What a great adventure. 

Ten years ago today, Katie said yes. Time flies. Don’t miss it! Capture every moment, give thanks, and tell a great story with the life you’ve been given. 

Before During and After a Run

The day before a big run, I drink a little extra water. Proper hydration starts up to 12 hours before its needed. During my longer runs, I have water breaks to keep myself fueled to finish. And after my run, you can be sure that stretching and re-hydrating are essential. In order to train my body, I need to provide the necessary water.

Water is essential to my training. I can’t forget how fortunate I am that I can readily have access to water before I need it, while I’m performing, and while I recover. Water is essential to life. Life is more important than training. Yet not everyone has access to the clean water that I do. On my training run today, I thought about my clean water campaign. I’m running to provide clean water to families that have to travel long distances to get this essential nutrient of life. I get all the water I want whenever I want it. It saddens me that I can’t fully wrap my mind around the reality that families on this same planet don’t have that resource. It fuels me, actually. I get extremely motivated to run really well and keep pointing people to this cause. I’ll never run a race again without pointing my friends and family to this clean water project. If we all chip in a little, we can stop this water crisis in our life time. I hope you’ll consider joining my team.

The 20/15 Prayer Challenge

Pastor Chris wants the Christ followers of Blackhawk church to always pursue a deeper relationship with God. We should read more, pray more, serve more. I greatly appreciate his leadership. On the eve of a new year, we all are tempted to make sweeping changes, right? Chris knows this and I think (like me) he gets nervous because we all have a difficult time sticking with those new year resolutions. But a challenge? That’s not a resolution. That’s a challenge. A project. A worth goal. And here it is.

As a church, we should be pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ. The challenge (for 2015) is to take 20 days per month and spend 15 minutes with God in those days. It’s the 20/15 Prayer Challenge.

My relationship with Christ is similar to relationships we have with friends and family. The relationship improves when it starts with listening. I will listen to God. Then I will read about God’s story. And I will pray to align myself with God’s will. Fifteen minutes for twenty days each month. That is achievable, but that is certainly a challenge.

Christmas Playlists

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas playlists. This year Spotify is offering Premium service for $1 (now through 12/31). Just remember to cancel after that session. It allows you to store songs and playlists on your phone/tablet plus everything is ad-free.

Here’s my lists from the last three years. Interesting story behind 2014. Jeremy Cowart asked his followers what new Christmas music was out there and Micah took it and made a Spotify Playlist.

I give you the Lazy Christmas Playlist.

And here’s my previous years’ music.

Christmas 2012 Playlist

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2013 Playlist

Christmas 2013


Three Days of Thankful: Fresh Start

It was a long road and I’m still not sure I would change a thing. But it’s been many years coming that I’ve tried to get out of tree care, an industry I worked for over a decade. Today I’ve successfully made my way into the exercise world and I’m so grateful. I work for a really good organization. I work with great people. I’m working in my sweat spot. And I get to help and challenge people to pursue their health each day.

I’m very thankful for this transition. Not everyone loves their work. In fact I know most probably struggle with this area of life; I certainly have for many years. But today I can reflect and recognize that I am thankful to be doing work I love. I’m thankful for my particular journey. I really mean that, knowing “the journey” can often be a coop out and you’re actually hhanging on for dear life.

Three Days of Thankful: Ed’s Story

The older I get, the faster I get, dare I say the better I get the easier it is to cruise. Life is moving and I’ve got this. For me (and I’m guessing for you) that means it’s very difficult to slow down and be thankful. “I worked so hard. I’ve overcome so much. I deserve this. This feels right.”

But it’s not right. I may feel that way, but as I read those four sentences I know in my gut that the story doesn’t begin and end with me as the star, the hero, the champion. I don’t deserve this. How do I know? Because the way I figure it, about 98% of my social and economic status is based on the fact that I was born in middle class America. I know many stories that began in a different place on this planet. When I slow down and think about what I have and compare it to the basics of life that so many others lack, I realize I don’t deserve my comforts; I will be thankful that I have comforts, I will be thankful that I even woke up this morning. Here’s what I mean.

I’m watching a short series called Ed’s Story. Let me summarize. Ed has ALS, he has been given two years to live, but there’s a problem: that was over 14 years ago. One of Ed’s final conclusions is that he’s happy God woke him up today. Ed wasn’t supposed to keep waking up with ALS for this many mornings. But God hadn’t finished telling Ed’s story.


I really don’t deserve to wake up each morning. Sorry, but neither do you. I can say that to myself without sadness and to you without guilt because I believe we are breathing air today because God allowed us to breathe air today. Tomorrow? Well, He says not to worry about tomorrow. There’s enough stuff happening today. Ok, God. Well then thank you for waking me up today.

You can watch the inspiration for this blog post today and tomorrow right here!