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I just set a stretch goal. Can I get my friends to donate $300 to provide clean water? Are you and I willing to donate part or all of what we spend on coffee and beer to a great cause? Let’s say you go to the coffee shop five times per month. Would you donate $15? Or what if you buy three 6-packs from now until April 19th. Would you donate $24 (the cost of three installments of Snowshoe by New Glarus, my favorite beer right now)?

And if coffee and beer aren’t your thing, then why in the world are we friends?! Totally kidding. That was a nod to my brother. Whatever your drink is, I’m asking you to consider donating part or all of that money to fund clean water projects in Zambia. I have supported Blood:Water for many years. It would be an honor for you to join me in this pursuit. Let’s Save a DrinkSave a Drink

Here’s how it works: Go to and “donate.” If you want to create your own page, please feel free. But then you’ll need to join “Team Jars.” I signed in with Facbook. Does that make you nervous? It shouldn’t. I’ve never gotten any spam from them signing in with Facebook. This is a world-class organization. I hope you become part of their story.

I will be writing about this through April 19. It’s near and dear to my heart, and here’s why. I’m trying to tell a better story with my life. I’m working hard to provide for a family, be a better husband and dad, and be more aware of the world and its needs. I want my kids to see that we have plenty, there are those who don’t, and we can help.

My goals is to get 30 friends to join. If we average $10, we’ll hit our $300 goal. And to be clear, I hope we blow this goal out of the water. Thanks for considering! As alays, I’m answering questions and responding to your thoughts in the comments section.

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