NaNoWriMo2019 Chapter 1: In Pursuit

Here we are again, the wonderful month of November. Usually this means full-force autumn but here in Wisconsin we’re already covered in snow. But the 5th is still Katie and my wedding anniversary (14 years), many men will stop shaving, Thanksgiving will be just around the corner, and between now and then some of your writer and creative friends will be participating in National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. Although I have zero ambition to write a novel, I have a lot of ambition to continue to tell the story of my pursuit of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. So every day in November 2019 I’ll be posting on my blog something that will document, educate and hopefully inspire you in your pursuit.

Today’s topic is an appropriate challenge: show up

So much of what I do as an exercise specialist is help clients show up every day. Valuing your health is at first a cognitive task but that doesn’t improve our fitness. We need to show up to the gym, we need to put on those running shoes and head outside, or we need to get to the basement or garage and lift those dumbbells, jump some rope, and utilize our home gym. Once that workout is over, it’s time to plan for the next one. People sometimes ask me “how much” they need to do to get in shape, to get where they want to go. My answer comes in two parts: first you need to begin with something you can repeat for three weeks, then you need to build to five days per week. That is a principle, not a rule, but it’s pretty accurate.

In the words of Todd Durkin, “get your mind right!” and value your health. Then hear the challenge of Stephen Covey: “put the big rocks (in your schedule) first” – prioritize that workout. And since you don’t know either of those men personally, the last words are from yours truly: “I’m here for whatever coaching you need. Fitness, nutrition, rest and recovery, life balance, goal-setting… you name it, in this space I’ll coach it. The pursuit is worth the effort. And I believe in you.”

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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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